Saturday, October 17, 2009

Running in circles

I have so much I want to get done this weekend, so when I got up this morning I didn't even know where to start. Instead of doing the things I need to do, I decided to do something I wanted to do first. Along with the blue fabric I talked about in the last post, I also bought Circles Topaz by Premier Prints off Etsy. The bags turned out so good. I decided to do red trim because red is one of my favorite colors. I think that the red does a good job of brightening up the bags. Do you agree or think I should have gone with tan or blue?

I am getting pretty excited as November 1st gets closer and closer. I am ready to launch the line of totes on Etsy. I have two more fabrics at home that I want to get bags made out of before then. Yesterday I found a great sale at and bought 9 more canvas prints (and got free shipping). I don't think I'll have all of those done for the November 1st launch date though.

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