Sunday, October 25, 2009

Queen of totes

I went to another Halloween party last night. The weather was dreary, but that kind of sets the mood for a creepy costume party. I did get a picture of my entire Queen of Hearts costume before we left and here it is!

What do you think? Here's everything that went into it: I made the crown out of fabric and cardstock. I sewed the jacket from a 99¢ pattern and put in the grommets for the gold rope lacing. (The tank top I already owned.) The skirt is my skirt that I sewed last year for my Mrs. Lovett costume; I added the hearts for this year. The shoes came from the Salvation Army and I painted the gold swirls and black stripes. I had heart earrings I bought off Etsy and my pendant is a 97¢ clearance charm from Michaels. Money spent: about $15.

Today I also made three totes from Premier Prints' Illusions in Sweet Potato. Here's a preview of one:

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