Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween costumes

We had our 10th annual Halloween party on Saturday. Many crockpots of soup, balls of cheese and bottles of wine were consumed and, judging by the disaster of a house we woke up to on Sunday, it would appear everyone had a really good time. It's mostly the same people who attend every year and each year I think the costumes get better. I am probably biased, but I believe we have the most creative group of costume-making friends. This year, the clear standouts (once again) were our friends Cavan and Scott. They were Russell and Carl from the Pixar movie Up.

Here are the characters from the movie.

Cavan & Scott in their costumes.

 Close up of the house with balloons that Scott made out of foam core.

This year was a continuation of their Pixar theme. Last year they were Wall-E and Eve from Wall-E.

Amazingly, out of over 160 photos, we didn't manage to take a single picture of me where you can see my entire costume, so you're going to have wait until after the 24th when we have our next costume party to see the whole effect. I won't forget then!

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