Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy accident, I think

I made this tote this week out of fabric I had from when I covered my dining room chairs. It's very sturdy and a little more "classic" than some I've made before. On the previous striped bags, I make the stripes on the handle vertical, the same as the bag. On this bag I made them horizontal (sort of on accident) but I think I like it better. You tell me, which is better? Vertical or horizontal?

Also, I am getting enough bags stocked up that trying to keep them straight is becoming confusing. I was thinking of calling the bags by different people's names. For example, the white canvas bag with the green patterned stiletto ankle boot, I could call Lindsay because she gave me that great green fabric. The grey and gold one I posted most recently could be Patricia because that is the fabric line at Ikea that the print came from. Cheesy idea? Do you have any better ideas on how/what to name them? I'd love to hear any suggestions.

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  1. I LOVE to use a pattern both vertically and horizontally in the same piece. Somehow it gives it a little more texture without being distracting.

    Hey - I know you entered my giveaway - the giveaway is based on who's Etsy shop is 'commented on most' of which I will choose an item from that Etsy shop - and then the winner - I'd love for you to win! Tell your family and friends to comment about your Etsy shop!! The more buzz about your shop - the more likely you'll be featured!!



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