Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Queen of Halloween

I finished the Halloween costumes! It's a good thing too because our first party is Saturday. I put the elastic string on my Queen of Hearts crown, the grommets and lacing in the Mad Hatter's jacket, trimmed the top hat and ironed the collars of both jackets. (I had just had my brows down, which is why I'm so red in the picture!)

To make my crown, I took a piece of cardstock and rolled it into a cone. I trimmed the bottom and top to be straight at the height I wanted. I cut a triangle template to draw the points so they were even. The seam of the paper was in a weird spot so I unrolled it all and used that for a template on a second piece of cardstock. I added a tab to that piece in order to connect it into a circle nicely.

While the crown was still flat, I glued on gold fabric (left over from my best friend's Madonna costume last year - thanks, Linds!). I used a hot glue gun to glue the tab to the inside and it was done. So fun. It wouldn't pin to my hair nicely so I took super thin elastic (for jewelry making) and thread it through a large needle. I went through each side of the crown and tied the ends. VoilĂ ! I jaunty little crown that sits just perfectly and all for free!

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