Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hang your hat on that

I've been looking for some unique vintage hooks to put in our kitchen to hang purses, keys, etc. on so that our kitchen table can stop being a catchall. I was just going hang them right on the wall until I found Kate's pretty paper coat rack via Pinterest.
Photo from Design Sponge

Oooo. Pretty! I use fabric instead of paper. The board is a piece of a drawer that never made it into our entertainment center. Under $10 and this is what I ended up with:

And now the table is clear and purses and keys are easily found!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wave Goodbye!

Let's skip the part where we talk about how lazy and/or crazy busy I've been so I haven't posted in a very long time - and jump right to the part where I show you pretty pictures of the latest quilt! Remember the purple batik ombre quilt? I made a similar one in aqua and I LOVE IT.

Once I got the top done, it felt very fluid, like waves or the sky at dusk. But the straight edges of the rectangle blocks seemed a bit harsh and broke up the flow. So I decided to try and balance that with the quilting pattern. Not being one who follows directions or does what's she's told very well, I just made it up as I went.

Swirls, circles, waves. I'm not sure what I'd call this pattern, but it did exactly what I wanted it to do and softened the angular edges.

I used another vintage sheet for the back. (Thanks again, Alisa!)

I started this quilt intending it to be a gift. When I finished it, I fell in love and wanted to keep it. But, in a rare stroke of self-discipline, I wrapped it up and gave it to two of my best friends for their birthdays. I hope they will love it and cover it in pet hair just as much as I would have!


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