Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wave Goodbye!

Let's skip the part where we talk about how lazy and/or crazy busy I've been so I haven't posted in a very long time - and jump right to the part where I show you pretty pictures of the latest quilt! Remember the purple batik ombre quilt? I made a similar one in aqua and I LOVE IT.

Once I got the top done, it felt very fluid, like waves or the sky at dusk. But the straight edges of the rectangle blocks seemed a bit harsh and broke up the flow. So I decided to try and balance that with the quilting pattern. Not being one who follows directions or does what's she's told very well, I just made it up as I went.

Swirls, circles, waves. I'm not sure what I'd call this pattern, but it did exactly what I wanted it to do and softened the angular edges.

I used another vintage sheet for the back. (Thanks again, Alisa!)

I started this quilt intending it to be a gift. When I finished it, I fell in love and wanted to keep it. But, in a rare stroke of self-discipline, I wrapped it up and gave it to two of my best friends for their birthdays. I hope they will love it and cover it in pet hair just as much as I would have!


  1. Beautiful! I love the quilting pattern you did on it, very fluid and water-esque. Love it!

  2. I absolutely without a doubt want to jump in that quilt ..a swan!

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