Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A little birdie told me

Bag 1, front & back

Bag 2, front & back

2 Bags together, side 1

2 Bags together, side 2
Last night I used the Gunilla fabric I picked up last month at Ikea to make a couple more totes and they turned out amazingly. The pattern on the fabric is really large so no image repeats on either bag. They are a pair but each really has its own personality, which I love. Should I sell them as a set or individually? I love them together but separately, two people will get to enjoy them.

Yesterday I was looking at Etsy to see if any one else had worked with this fabric. I found one other bag, but the pattern was turned sideways, making the birds look like they were lying on their backs. I thought that was really strange until I went to cut out the bags last night. I don't use a pattern. Instead I know how to fold a yard of fabric correctly to get straight lines and the right sizes. Just before I took the scissors to the fabric, I realized that if I cut it like I normally do, the birds were going to appear sideways on the final bags. I had to cut the fabric completely different than normal to get it upright. I am so glad that I saw that other bag on Etsy, which made me look twice before cutting. I am sure that's exactly what happened to the maker of that other bag. Learning from others' mistakes - that's a new one for me. I usually have to mess something up on my own to figure it out!



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