Monday, October 19, 2009

It's the little things

Yesterday I bought this June Tailor Spindle Thread Rack. I know it's silly, but it made me really happy. My thread has been living in a plastic bin, all in a jumble. Now that I am using more colors for my totes, I constantly had to dig through and have bought a color I already have a couple of times now. I have also skipped buying thread thinking I had the right color, only to come home and not have it. Grrr. Now my thread is all color coordinated and on display and I love it. It really is the little things!

Besides shopping, I was pretty productive this weekend. I made four totes on Saturday morning then on Sunday I packed each tote with groceries and took pictures for my Etsy shop. I worked at a grocery store in high school and occasionally someone would end up not buying the groceries after they filled their cart (forgot wallet, credit card declined, etc.). Then you'd have to unpack everything from the sacks and "reverse shop" to put everything back on the shelves. It felt a little like that only 15 times over. Boxes, cans and produce in the bag. Pictures. Boxes, cans and produce out of the bag. Repeat. Over and over again. It's done now, which is a relief. I'm not sure my bag of baby spinach survived though. It was looking a little worse for wear by the end.

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  1. Okay, that is really cool. I have my thread in a chicken-headed basket from my grandmother and I can never find what I need.

    I was also stopping by to say I’ve given you a One Lovely Blog award, so please stop by and collect it.




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