Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A shopping I will go

I've been MIA from the blog. The short story is that life has been madness lately! Day job, freelancing, sewing, grandpa with a broken hip, parents out of the country, yard's a mess, I could go on and on, but I won't. The good news is that I'm getting a break this weekend. We're going up to Minneapolis to visits friends, which I am very excited about. Among the sites to see, things to eat and drink and places to shop is Ikea. I love Ikea. I haven't even bought that much there over the years besides fabric, but I really enjoy the entire shopping experience. So many little things hidden everywhere, in drawers and closets and in every nook and cranny. I feel the need to thoroughly examine all the rooms so as to not miss a thing! Here's a few items that will be in my cart this trip:
New pillows!
We have four pillows on the bed. One of them is fine. Two of them are horribly uncomfortable and the remaining one is so gross, I'm surprised it doesn't get up and walk away on it's own during the day. Of course, that one is my favorite one, but every time I change the pillow case, it makes my stomach roll to look at it. Time for it to rest in peace!

 White dishes
The dishes we got when we got married aren't even five years old but they are already chipped and cracked. It's hard to find four plates and bowls to use when we have company that don't have chunks missing. At least with nice, simple white plates, if they get a chip it won't be as noticeable as it is on our dark brown dishes we have now.

Dutch Oven
These things are expensive. The one I want from Williams Sonoma is $400! Even though this blue one will look rather out of place with all my other black and red kitchenware, for less than half the price, it will do.
Tea canisters
The amount of loose leave tea consumed in our house is borderline ridiculous. We bought two of these last time we were at Ikea and they are great. Perfect size, air tight. Definitely need some more and for $8 for the set of two, we can get as many as we want!

Also time to restock the fabric for tote making for my Etsy shop. The shop is looking sad and very low on inventory. There are some old standbys that sell like crazy and a few new prints I'm hoping to pick up. 

Hooray! for new fabric and hanging out with Cavan & Scott!


  1. Have fun at IKEA!!! I'm so jealous of you :) Rumor has it that Colorado (well Denver) will be getting an IKEA in a year or 2, I'm so excited!! I didn't even know they had fabric! I've had my eye on that exact dutch oven as well :) Enjoy the shopping!

  2. So... you are not actually thinking of getting rid of the gross pillow are you? Did you run that by the civilization of critters living in there? I'll bet they will at least want a debate on the parliament floor and probably a vote. These things take time, you should have proposed it to them a year ago.

    Also, crab fabric, HELL YEAH!



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