Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 Things (Post #10): Write to someone who inspires you

This is my tenth and final post in a series about ten easy things you can do to be more environmentally friendly inspired by the book Change the World for Ten Bucks and N.E.E.T. Magazine. Read more about the rest of the list here.

While I'm not sure how this works for the whole save the planet thing, I do agree that this can help make the world a better place by making someone's day. A few years ago, I was given a whole bunch of fun blank cards and about the same time I bought a bunch of new stationary. I went on a letter and note writing spree. I'm all out of my favorites and rarely send a handwritten note anymore. I think just having a stock of note cards, stationary, funky desk accessories and pens can inspire you to write to a few friends without the computer.

Here's some finds on Etsy that will inspire you to break out the stationary and cards to write a good old fashion snail mail letter:

1. Robot Hello notecards from Sweet Harvey Letterpress
2. Natural sealing wax from Green Craft Store
3. Swirl tree thank you cards from Designs By Adj
4. Peacock calling cards from Michelle Brusegaard
5. Apple memo pad from Naraya Bags
6. Post Script card from Enormous Champion
7. Hand Stained Mini Envelopes from Shabby Chic Shack
8. Through my binoculars notecards from Gramkin Paper Studio
9. Recycled bike inner tube journal from Pale Pink
10. Matchbook notebooks from Zany Hoopla
11. Return address labels from Posh Girl Boutique 
12. Wax seal stamp from Istanbul Designs

The volume of cards, journals and paper products on Etsy is beyond overwhelming. just started an Etsy search where you can scroll through everything in your search criteria all on one page. I highly recommend giving it a try, especially for searches with hundreds of pages of results.


  1. I love this post and not just because I am featured!

    The art and joy of writing letters is something to celebrate. I love checking my mailbox and finding something handwritten especially with 99% of my mail being both commercial, junk or bills.

    The sentiment is even more special when it is handmade and handwritten but either way....

    great post!

  2. You have so many cute items in your shop that I had a hard time picking just one! I really love this little robot though. So cute. Glad you liked the post!



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