Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goat tote update



Wild foliage
The totes I showed you a couple of days ago that were only half done are now actually complete. The top two are in my shop and the third one will be yet this week. The last one doesn't actually have any goats on it but I still like the crazy flora and the back side has a happy tree similar to the Pink Pear Tree tote

Happy trees make me think of my grandpa, whose name is Richard Ross. When I was little, he would tell my cousins and me that he taught Bob Ross how to paint and we believed him. Nevermind that we'd never seen my grandfather ever paint anything, let alone landscapes filled with happy trees.

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  1. Love (1)
    Totes look awesome! :) We watched Bob Ross on IPTV the other day. Happy clouds and happy trees with happy little rocks by the river. :)



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