Thursday, March 4, 2010

10 Things (Post #1): Decline plastic bags whenever possible

This is my first post in a series about ten easy things you can do to be more environmentally friendly inspired by the book Change the World for Ten Bucks and N.E.E.T. Magazine. Read more about the rest of the list here.

The first thing on the list is "Decline plastic bags whenever possible." The best way to do this is buy and, more importantly, USE fabric totes for groceries and mesh bags for produce. The first excuse I always hear on this one is "I can't remember to bring them with." We had that problem too, so now we have enough to have several in each car at all times. Then you'll never be without one. Once they are brought in the house full, we empty them and they go right back into the car, or at least on the door knob of the door to the garage.

Next step is to remember to take them into the store with you. Force yourself to go back out to the car to get them if you're in the store and end up with more than you meant to or forgot them when you parked. One or two trips to the parking lot in the dead of winter before and after you go to the cash register will help you remember to take them in with you in the first place.

Here are some great reusable totes and produce bags I found on Etsy. I am a HUGE fan of #2 - Love for Earth and highly recommend her products. You can read my post about them here. Also, note the shameless plug of my own store at number 10!

1. Bee Things
2. Love For Earth
3. Earth Cadets
4. Cozy Creek
5. PearAphenalia
6. Made by Molly
7. Rusty Bike Shop
8. Pink Crocodile Designs
9. The Craft Pantry
10. Tonya Dusold
11. Two Knit
12. Whimsical Stitches 

Tomorrow I'll have a post on either "shop locally" or "plant something" for you.

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