Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unpack, repack

I like to go. Don't really care where or when you're going, but I'll go with. Visiting your great uncle in Prague? I'm in. Job interview in San Francisco? Take me with. Destination wedding in Jamaica? I want to be your date. Going to the bathroom? Um, well, that's a bit awkward, but I supposed I'll go too.

My favorite pastime? Shopping for plane tickets to anywhere. I get on kicks and right now it's Spain and Morocco tickets and anywhere else that has a good deal. I day dream of cheap tickets and more vacation time. I treasure my passport stamps and travel photos. So far I've hit over half the states and 3 of the 6 visitable (is that a word?) continents.

The problem with this hobby, or possibly addiction, is that the closest "international" airport is Des Moines and although I really like flying in and out of there, it's very small - two terminals small. Typically it's pricey too. We're 2 hours from Omaha, but that airport isn't much better. 3 hours to Minneapolis and 5 to Chicago, but who wants to get off a flight only to have to spend hours more in the car in order to be home? Not me. I've done it a few times and unless the ticket price difference is HUGE, I'm not doing it again.

Some of my favorite people in the world live in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, the COS airport is just as small and pricey as Des Moines and going between the two always costs significantly more than making the 11 hour drive. I was super surprised when my friend said she found me a cheap ticket for the end of this month, but it was a weekend we have company coming from out of state, so I couldn't go. I started looking for other weekends and found a round trip ticket for this Saturday through Tuesday for $180! That is about 1/2 the price I've ever seen them. So I bought it over lunch and head out Saturday morning. Hooray! Ready or not, here I come Staci & Andrea.

I just got back from California, less than two weeks ago. There are a still a few random items in my suitcase from LA that I can just leave in for this trip. My coworkers think I'm a little crazy, but I don't care. I love to go - anywhere, any time.

Bulguksa Temple in the North Gyeongsang province of South Korea

Riding an elephant through the jungle in southern Thailand

Mayan ruins at Tulum in Mexico

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  1. I'm ready for you!! I just need to know what to make to eat :-) Have a safe flight, see you Saturday!

    And OMG $180???? that's an amazing price, SCORE!



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