Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lessons learned

Top 10 things I learned in & about L.A.

10. LAX is not as bad or confusing as people tell you it is.
9. I once read a post by a New Yorker that claimed Des Moines has a creepy lack of graffiti, California has a strange (but wonderful) lack of litter
8. Driving a Malibu through Malibu is apparently tacky, better rent a Bently
7. 55 degrees and drizzle qualifies for a "major winter storm"
6. California sets their speed limits too high, but surprisingly everyone understands this and goes about 5 under every where you go
5. That shirt that is $150 on Rodeo Drive is $15 on Melrose and just as cute, but the store is right next to the friendly neighborhood S&M shop
4. Driving in LA is not terrible but it's best if you bring Mary Poppins (or another strangely named GPS)
3. If it is below 70 degrees, all females must wear tights with a skirt and snow boots
2. Unlike Des Moines, if you think that's Snoop Dogg in the airport, it probably is
1. The weird man standing outside the restaurant you are eating in may put on a Statue of Liberty costume and dance on the corner down the block

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