Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White Christmas

Two weeks ago we got dumped on with a foot and a half of snow, guaranteeing a white Christmas. That was plenty for the entire winter in my opinion. Looks like we're in for it again right in time for the holidays only this time we're getting ice too. Boo.

The weather lady is saying just rain during the day tomorrow, so that will be the best time to travel, before it freezes to ice and gets covered in snow. The problem is that we are trying to make it to my parents' house as well as my in-laws' home, which requires driving on Christmas Day. We are now debating on whether to just stay home and get stuck here or to go to my parents house tomorrow with the hopes of being able to make it to my in-laws on Friday and possibly get stuck there. Personally, I'd rather be in Jamaica. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and my in-laws very much, but I really, really hate winter and the snow and ice that comes along with it. Can't we just move Christmas to next week? No? Darn. I guess we'll figure it out and hopefully not spend Christmas day in a ditch.

Last year we had a lot of ice right after Christmas. On our way home, we ended up spending over 5 hours stuck on a closed interstate with a sick cat in the car. Thankfully Winston is amazingly tolerant and relaxed. We set up the litter box in the back seat and put cat food in a cup holder and he was just fine. I think having the cat in the car actually calmed us down and we spent most of the time laughing instead of angry about the situation. Thanks, Winston.

Now I will attempt to stop being a grinch. 

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