Thursday, December 3, 2009


I got an inquiry about other fabrics from an Etsy shopper, so I thought I'd post some fabrics that I have on hand. (Click on the pictures to see larger versions)
I have only have enough to make 1 tote each from these:

Red Hat

Pink Paisley

5 different black and white designs.
*These are lighter weight fabric that I would line with either black or white canvas. 

These three would look very cute as a set of totes.
*They are light weight and would be lined with canvas. 

A variety of white, tan & black fabrics.
*These are lighter fabric as well, that I would line with canvas.

I have enough of these fabrics to make three totes:
Blueish grey with ginger flowers

Green flowers

Ginger dots

Ginger leaves
I also still have the fabrics I posted on this post, except for the hot pink fabric with leaves. The only tote I have left made from that fabric is listed in my shop.

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