Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow, snow, go away, don't come back another day

I live in Iowa. I have no idea why people live this far north. My excuse is that I was born here, my family is here and I'm trying to move sometime soon. We got about 3 inches of snow Sunday night and another 2 last night. In the next 24 hours we are supposed to get 7-12 inches more! It isn't supposed to reach above the freezing level within the forseeable future. Wednesday, after the foot of snow, we are predicted to have sustained 35-40 mile an hour winds. For those of you who don't live in a frozen tundra, that means as soon as plows clear the roads, they are covered in drifts of snow again. It also means less than a quarter mile of visibility. I. Hate. Winter.

On a happier note, I went to the mall last night. I am done Christmas shopping but I had so many good coupons, I couldn't resist. $15 off a $15 purchase, $10 off a $10 purchase and free item up to $13 when you spend $10. I consider myself a savvy shopper, but even I was impressed with the results:
1. $50 sweater, on sale for $40, with $15 off coupon = $25
2. $24 candle, on sale for $12, with $10 off coupon = $2
3. Two $13 lotions, on sale 2 for $10, plus got a $11 body wash free = $10
Grand total: $110 worth of stuff for $37.

As the savviest shopper, Staci Reynolds of Examiner.com and ReynFashions, says, "Don't buy it just because the price tag is right." I didn't. The sweater I already own in grey and purple argyle and I love it, so I bought the solid blue version. You can always use free body wash, use a candle as a gift and either use or gift the lotion.


  1. No snow here in Vancouver yet.. and I am further north! It has been really cold though. I still have to finish my Xmas shopping...eeep!

  2. Grand total: 16 inches of snow. There were drifts up to my chest over the driveway. We're still stuck because the plow hasn't gone down our street.



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