Friday, December 18, 2009

Seeing red

I'm a red head. Again. Over the years I've had about every color of hair there is to have. I really like red, especially in the fall and winter. What do you think?

Along the red hair topic, I went to see Annie at the Des Moines Playhouse last night. I took a friend for her birthday. We both have loved the movie version since we were little girls and can sing every song and say every line. I've been wanting to see it on stage for a long time, but I was very skeptical that I'd like it as much as the movie. I know no one could ever play Miss Hannigan as well as Carol Burnett or Daddy Warbucks better than Albert Finney so I was afraid I'd be disappointed in the stage production. I wasn't at all. It was very good. The girls that played Annie and the other orphans were fantastic.

Before going to the musical, we went to dinner at Le Jardin, a fairly new french restaurant near the Playhouse. It was delicious. I wasn't very impressed with my wine, but I had a mushroom omlet for dinner and it was amazing. Here's the menu description: A folded omlet made with Sheeder Farm organic eggs stuffed with a wild mushroom blend of procini, oyster, ivory portabella and crimini mushrooms, topped with white truffle oil and parmesan served with a petite salad mesclun. Yum. We had pound cake with a pear sauce for dessert, also very good. I would recomment Le Jardin for sure.

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  1. Your hair looks great! The color is very flattering with your skin tones. So pretty :-) I love Annie too, no surprise there LOL. Glad your show was fun & that dinner was delicious. that omelet sounds like a mushroom lovers dream come true!



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