Friday, December 11, 2009

It's not like in the movies

In the movies, especially holiday themed movies, blizzards and mountains of snow mean cups of steaming hot cocoa, baking cookies and family fun time. In reality they mean shoveling snow until your back and arms hurt so bad you can no longer blog. Also, that you're stuck at home without milk or any ingredients that go together to make a decent meal. I don't think I've gone three days in a row without writing since I started this blog and I blame my recent lapse on the weather. I have been exhausted and then frozen to the core. Today is still cold, but it's in the 20s and after a few days of 30 below wind chills, it feels much better and the sun is shining!

I was able to get some cleaning done while stuck and I sewed a few totes for Christmas presents. Two of them turned out especially well, but the recipient reads this blog, so no pictures until after Christmas. I am going to have to do one big Christmas gift post on the 26th because I feel like I bought/made a lot of great gifts this year.

One last gift idea for me: I love the Dogwood Ruffle Bags by Sweetgum Handbags on Etsy. She currently has only blue and gold ones listed, but I like the orange best. So cute!

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