Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas to me

As I believe you are aware, I have a shoe fetish. I love them. The brighter and crazier the better. Overstock is having sales like crazy and free shipping so I couldn't pass these Liliana Patent Pointed-tow Stillettos by Adi up. They were the last pair in 6.5 - telling people how many are in stock is a gimmick that sucks me in.

You ask, what will I wear bright cobalt blue snake skin pointed stillettos with? I have no idea! I'll probably have to buy a new sweater, which is really ok with me. They are guaranteed to be here by Christmas eve so I have decided they are a Christmas present - in the words of Alvin the Chipmunk - "to me, from me."

I cannot believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away, but I am ready to begin the gift giving so I can finally post my purchases for you to see!


  1. Wear them with black, wear them with white, wear them with prints, wear them with jeans.

  2. I have a light grey sweater that I wear with darker grey slacks and the blue really pops with the greys. It's been to icy to wear them yet, but that will be my first attempt!



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