Wednesday, December 23, 2009

These are a few of my favorite blogs

I never was really into reading blogs before I started blogging myself. Slowly I've been finding blogs that I love to read written by women I either know and love or would love to know. These seven seem to be the ones I like the most. They are the ones I notice when they don't post on any given day or week. I highly recommend them and here they are, in no particular order:

Staci at Reyn on Fashion. Staci is that girl friend who knows how to pronounce all those crazy designer names but still buys some products at the drugstore. She's fun and funky and a little daring when it comes to fashion. Her blog is mostly fashion and products, but she puts enough of herself into it that the blog is interesting and easy to read. Thanks, Staci!

Andrea the Kitchen Witch is new to the blogging world and has stormed in with great recipes and beautiful photos. She's the girl who attempts (or invents) the crazy recipes you're too scared to try - until she gives you step-by-step instructions with great photos. What she does in the kitchen is truly magical. Her three guarantees make every recipe family friendly: 1. NO HFCS - high fructose corn syrup 2. NO PHO's - partially hydrogenated oils 3. It will be delicious. Thanks, Andrea!

Jen at Vietti View is one of the most bubbly, upbeat bloggers I've found (but not in that sickening fake sweet way.) Her blog is mostly about her and her family and their adventures. Her kids are so cute they look like they should be on stage. She's crafty and creative and her pictures always make me smile. This is a great blog to read when you're feeling grinchy - like I am today. Thanks, Jen!

Nichole at Little Brown Pen. She's who I want to be when I grow up. She is so creative, an amazing photographer and travels the world. She writes about a lot of different topics, but my favorite is her photos. She has an eye for seeing beauty in things the rest of us have a tendency not to even notice. Thanks, Nichole!

Sweet Harvey Letterpress is another favorite. They are also in Des Moines and its fun to have someone local. The designs are simple and sweet and always beautiful but a little quirky. Right up my alley. This is where I got the recipe for the filled red velvet cupcakes. Mmmm. Thanks, Sweet Harvey!

Valerie at Cabin + Cub is another creative, unique woman who writes a very interesting blog. She lives in Vancouver, somewhere I'd love to visit - in the summer. Her blog includes her designs and Etsy items, recipes and posts about her family. Thanks, Valerie!

Maya at Maya*Made is an eco-friendly artist and mother who inspires me to be less wasteful and more creative. She is so original and can make cute things out of things we all throw out or recycle like toilet paper rolls. She uses burlap coffee sacks to make beautiful things like baskets, stockings and holiday decorations. Maya is also a printmaker who carves her own gorgeous designs and you'll be amazed at the things she makes from security envelopes.

Check out these fun, creative ladies and their blogs. I'm sure you'll find at least a couple you'll want to bookmark.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!! :) I also love yours---funny and so creative!



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