Friday, December 4, 2009

Random thoughts for the day

I bought the game Pig Pile last month and we can't stop playing it. It is so fun! It is not the game where you roll the pigs. The tiny plastic pigs only serve the purpose of score keeping in this game. Yes, that could easily be done with tallies on a sheet of paper, but then we wouldn't be able to build pig pyramids and name our points. The game plays sort of like a combination of Skip-Bo and that drinking game you played in college that's called a bad word. I bought it for $10 on Amazon. The games says its for 3-6 players, but we have played it with two and with more than 6 and it worked just fine. I think it says 6-years-old and up. We've also been playing a lot of Backgammon, which I love.

Today I bought some low-fat donuts from Holey Donuts, which I drooled over in this post. I'll let you know how they are once they arrive. They have a 40% off coupon code (HD50) that is good until Saturday night at midnight (December 5th).

I am going to a cookie exchange tomorrow. I love to cook, but I really hate baking. Cookies are the worst. I don't have the attention span or patience to wait for more than one pan to cook. Thankfully I managed to acquire the requested 7 dozen without baking a single one myself! Thanks, Karen & Terra.

We found out we have to do a week of furloughs at my day job before June 30, 2010. If we take it all at once, in theory, we can collect unemployment. I'm not sure if that would be enough to get us through the month or not. I am thinking that getting off at noon, every other Friday for the next 20 weeks sounds good. Then I'd only be missing 4 hours of pay in an 80 hour pay check, which shouldn't be missed that much. And short Fridays are always good. Has anyone else had to do furloughs? Did you collect unemployment?

Someone brought in puff popcorn covered in almond bark today. It was good but I think it made my stomach hurt. Or it could have been the extra spicy gyro with jalapeƱos for lunch. Now that I think about it, that seems more likely.

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