Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where did the time go?

When we were kids, it seemed like it took eons to get from Halloween to Christmas and my mom seemed to be running around frantically those entire two months. I get it now. How is it possible that it's November 21st? Seriously, it feels like it should be September still. I think having all the custom order totes for Christmas looming over my head is making time go at warp speed. I had plans every night this week except Tuesday so I only finished two more Iowa Hawkeye totes.

This morning I started on four more custom orders plus one that will actually get listed in my shop before it's sold. These aren't sports related because I need a break from that for a while. I am hoping to get them done yet today and I'll put some more pictures up.

Yesterday afternoon I went Christmas shopping. Crossed several more people off my list, which feels good. I'd say I'm well over halfway through. I am having a really hard time finding things to put in my parents' stockings this year. Any one have any good ideas?

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