Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't try this at home

Due to the wild popularity of this bag in my Etsy shop (it was the first one I sold and have sold 2 more that aren't even made) I am desperately trying to get my hands on more of the fabric. It sells at Ikea for $8/yard. I haven't found it being resold online for any cheaper than $18/yard. It is so frustrating that Ikea doesn't sell fabric online. My friend is headed to Minneapolis for the weekend and I sent her with a printed fabric wishlist and a wad of cash. I am so hoping she can get more of this Annamoa fabric. There are two new versions of the fabric I asked her to get too. What do you think? Which is your favorite of the three?

I also wanted to let you know, in case anyone was considering trying it, ironing your finger is a bad idea. Ironing your finger when your iron is set to the highest setting for thick canvas is an even worse idea. It hurts. I brings tears to your eyes and makes you say nonsensical words and hop around in circles. Please take my word on this, don't try it at home. Ouch!

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