Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nom, nom, nom

We have two cats. Alven:

And Winston:

They are both very entertaining and sweet and have inspired a few of the "I hate cats" crowd, to give felines a second chance. Probably because they both seem to think they are dogs. They both fetch and beg to go outside. They greet guests at the door and are generally dopey.

Alven has always chewed on shoes, but thankfully, he prefers cheap flip flops. He's ruined many, many pairs, but all together they probably cost less than $50. In the last couple of weeks, Winston has decided to chew as well. His tastes are not nearly so discriminating. He'll chew anything as far as I can tell, and the bigger, the better.

Things I saw Winston chew on this weekend: the toilet bowl brush, followed immediately by my toothbrush, the faucet in the bathroom, my sweater, the coffee table, the ottoman, a penny, the laptop, a sconce, the entertainment center, a thumb tack, a plastic baggie, a measuring tape, speaker wire, the closet door, a pair of scissors and the metal handle to my dresser drawer. What is wrong with him?!?!

We say Winston has two personalities, think Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Personality #1 is Winston, who is sweet and cuddly and so easy going he's like a rag doll. This cat lets my friends' kids pull on the skin of his head until his eyeballs disappear without so much as a meow. This cat inspires people who detest all cats to wish they could have a kitty like him. Then there's the Meatball, personality #2. The Meatball runs around the house at full speed, crashing into book cases, trying to run up the wall and summersaults down the basement stairs. And now, the Meatball chews everything.

Does anyone know if this is a sign that he's missing a nutrient or something? He's 1 1/2 so I think he's way to old to be teething. I'd love some advice if anyone has dealt with this before.

Alven lounging in the office window, one of his favorite spots.

Alven two Christmases ago, when he unrolled six rolls of wrapping paper, chewed on a bunch of it, then laid in it purring.

A very angry Winston after his first bath.

Winston watching the Olympics. He loved volleyball and trampolining the most.

Winston laying right on top of Alven for a nap.


  1. Haha! I like the bath funny!

  2. that last pic is hyterical! i am glad you commented! now i know about your blog.



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