Monday, November 16, 2009

Autumn awesomeness

I love summer. Hands down, it's my favorite time of the year. 95 degrees with 80 percent humidity? Yes, please. While I have a love affair with summer, I have a quiet, close friendship with autumn. It's one of those relationships where you can go a long time without speaking and you kind of forget you miss the other one, until you get together again and its like you never missed a day. All year long I long for summer, except for fall, when I remember that I love it too.

Anyway, my desktop wallpaper and icon graphics were still Halloween this morning, and although it's my favorite holiday, I decided it's time for me to move on for the year. I went to PixelGirlPresents - a favorite for fun desktops and icons - and I wasn't disappointed.

I found these Leaves icons right away. I love that they look so real and beautiful. There are lot of other good ones on the site, especially for holidays. I mixed this set with another autumn set I got last year. Here's the result on my desktop:

So pretty. She leaves all the seasons and holidays up year round, so stop by and grab a few sets and your icons can be festive all year long!

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