Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rollercoaster ride of a day

I've accomplished a lot today. Made three more custom order totes. These first two with the Shih Tzu appliques go with the pink paisley ones showed in my last post. They turned out really good.

When I was just about done with the second tote, my sewing machine stopped working. Well, it ran, but made a giant wad of thread around the bobbin and generally made a mess. I worked on it for over an hour with no luck. I finally got frustrated enough I walked away and came back about half an hour later. It worked just fine then. Absolutely no reason it stopped working and no reason it started working again. I'm happy it's going again, but I still don't have solution if it happens again.

The other tote I made today is a University of Nebraska. I only have two more sports one left (both Chicago Bears) and I cannot wait until they are done! The custom order list is now into the single digits which is thrilling. These three are all sold, but I'll let you know next time I get one listed in the shop that isn't already sold!

One reason I really like sewing is the way my mind wonders while sewing. It's kind of like playing a free association mind game for hours at a time. Sometimes I have great ideas and day dreams. Sometimes I have horrible realizations. Last week one of our cats peed on my duffel bag. Today, out of the blue, I remembered that my iPod was in the pocket of the bag when I put it in the washer. Crap. The two positive things are 1) it was in its case, in a pocket, in a bag, so hopefully it got as little water and beating possible. 2) I didn't dry the bag so it didn't get as beat up as it could have.

When I realized what I'd done, I stopped sewing and called a friend who is a manager at an Apple store. His suggestion: DO NOT TURN IT ON! Which, luckily, I hadn't. Then he told me to put it in a baggie with white rice for a week. The hope is that the rice will absorb all the water that may be inside it and it will be dry when I turn it on next Sunday and work. Please keep my pretty pink iPod in your prayers this week.

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