Monday, April 19, 2010

Mine, all mine!

It's pretty ridiculous that I make and sell totes online but the only ones I carry say Target or HyVee on them. I've been meaning to make myself some for a long time now but every time I get finish a few, I end up putting them on Etsy instead. I love it when my shop is full, especially of totes made from unique fabric in bright colors.

This fabric is from Ikea - you're shocked, I know - and it reminds me of Dr. Seuss trees. So whimsical and interesting. It's really hard to resist putting them up for sale, but imagining myself carrying them at the downtown farmers market is enough to finally say "These are mine!" I used all of this fabric that I have, but I will definitely be getting more next time I'm in Minneapolis or Chicago.


  1. I'd keep them too, they are super cool! Love the colors, love the funky tree :)

  2. What fantastic fabric! :) You've got great prints in your shop!



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