Monday, April 5, 2010

Library thing

Have you seen yet?

I'm reading my 16th book since Christmas. I've always been a fast reader. I remember teachers in elementary school accusing me of not reading during designated silent reading time because I'd finish way before anyone else and have to just sit there. I go through books so fast that I am constantly searching for something new: a new series, a new author, a new genre. I will read about anything from fantasy fiction (most recently the Sookie Stackhouse series that HBO's True Blood is based on) to nonfiction ethnographies (currently Mama Lola). I really love satire and humor narratives, but I've ready everything David Sedaris, Sarah Vowel and Chelsea Handler have written. Travel humor is another favorite, but again, I'm out of books by J. Maarten Troost and Chuck Thompson.

Enter You can input your entire library of books at home, add ones you've read, but don't own and create a wishlist of books. The website then will make suggestions for other books based on authors you enjoy, genres, similar tags and what other people who have read the same books as you would recommend.

I haven't purchased and read any of its suggestions yet, but I will soon. You can see some of the things I've read recently on the widget on the right side of this blog. I'd love to hear any suggestions you have for books.

The other fun thing LibraryThing does is make word clouds out of the tags you assign to books in your library. I'm not very good about tagging everything, so mine is very small right now, but here it is:


  1. I too use LibraryThing. Hooray for social book tagging!

    Love the new site layout ;)

  2. the new design of the blog is great! Is that picture from Mood??? Never tried librarything - thanks for sharing the secret :)

  3. Andrea, the background is from They have tons of great food backgrounds and themes you could use.



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