Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lunatic lunch hour

I have an hour for lunch each day and only live 5 minutes from my office. My normal lunch hour consists of going home, having a leisurely lunch and possibly squeezing in a couple of chores (or a nap!) Not today. It went a little something like this:

Drive home like a crazy person. Run the recycling out to the curb, hoping they didn't already pickup on my street. Back in the house, frantically grab all the legal documentation of my existence plus two extremely unfortunate photos of myself and jump back in the car.

Mad dash to the post office. Wait in line for a couple of minutes. Explain to the friendly postal worker why my marriage license is not in English and, subsequently, why the legal translation was notarized in North Carolina when I live in Iowa. Finally finish that, turn around and see 20 angry people in line behind me and wonder what the deal is. Back in the car, realize that today is April 15th - tax day - and understand why there were so many hostiles glaring at me while I took 15 minutes of their valuable time. In the mean time, take a call from my boss, who is leaving the state but doesn't think he has the presentation I wase to have ready for him before I left for lunch.

Back at home, grab the mail, sign for a package, put all remaining vital records back in the file cabinet. Frantically make a PB&J and grab a fruit cup and run back out the door. Five blocks from home, I got paranoid that I left the garage door open, turn around and go back. While closing the garage door, I notice that my badge for work is laying in the driveway. Jump out, grab that. Then get stuck behind the recycling truck (glad I didn't miss it - but get out of my way!) Back to work, only 4 minutes late. Whew!

If I could get this much stuff done every hour of every day, imagine the things I could accomplish.

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  1. Here's to a less frantic evening than your lunch hour was. Geeze girl you were BUSY! I need a nap after reading this post LOL :)



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