Monday, January 25, 2010

A fox, a squirrel, two bunnies and some pink pears

These are the back and front of the same tote.

I finally finished these three totes, which have only been lacking handles since sometime before Christmas, I think. I really like the process of making the actual tote portion and I don't mind making handles. Something about putting those two pieces together, though, I really dread. It's similar to a lot of things in life that you dread, but once you make yourself do, they aren't so bad, like exercising or cooking dinner.

This is the last of this Annamoa fabric from Ikea, at least for now. It makes me sad. I think this is my favorite fabric that I've made totes from.

I put handles on two other totes tonight as well. Nothing better to do during yet another blizzard. Those will be in the shop later this week.

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