Friday, September 25, 2009

This weekend

I am headed up to Stillwater, Minnesota, on Saturday for a wedding of two former coworkers who are now friends of mine. Stillwater is a nice riverside community with many bed & breakfast. The couple vacationed there together and fell in love with the area. When they decided to get married, they knew they wanted to have the ceremony in the park on the river. Meredith, the bride, contacted me wanting something "classic but unique" for an invitation. Together we came up with the idea of making a Stillwater postcard out of a photo she had taken. They had some other unique needs such as letting guest know there would be activities on Friday night so they could make a weekend out of the trip. I think the invites turned out both unique and classic, as requested. I'm looking forward to seeing the area and the wedding. (And Ikea is right on the way home on Sunday!)


  1. So cool! Sounds/looks like an amazing place! Oh the things I would've done differently if I could go back 9 years and replan my wedding...

  2. I clicked on your 'Goat Cheese' label (because I freakin' love cheese) and I am so amazed! I am for sure going to get that kit! You are so lucky to live where cheese is fresh and cheap! Thanks for the tip!

  3. The invitations are creative & unique! I love the idea of a postcard for a "destination" wedding. so cool!



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