Friday, September 18, 2009

Feeling ambitious

Last night I cut out the pattern for the Mad Hatter costume's jacket and vest. I am using a Simplicity pattern for the jacket and vest. Hopefully I will have time this weekend to cut the fabric and get started sewing.

I also want to make some reusable grocery bag prototypes out of some leftover fabric I used to make curtains for my living room and office. One is a red striped heavy weight cotton and the other is yellow and green. I'll post pictures if I get them done. I made one a couple of weeks ago (right) out of some fabric my friend had leftover from a dress she made a couple years ago and it turned out fabulous. I could see people checking it out as I carried it out of the store while running errands over lunch! I made this one out of this Butterick pattern (C - bottom left and upper right) which gave me some ideas for what I want to do if I ever make them to sell on my Etsy page.

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