Friday, February 4, 2011

Sticky Style

I have been loving vinyl wall decals now for a while. I have had great luck (as have a couple of friends and my mom) with Byrdie Graphics on Etsy. That's where I bought my winter tree branch. They are SUPER fast with responding to convos (Etsy emails) and very quick shipping. The instructions and tools they provide are great too!

I'm also still obsessing with the colors gray and yellow together. Marry those two loves and I have new vinyl decals in my kitchen! (My TINY kitchen is very hard to photograph!)

I really like them with my gray and yellow curtains made with Mood fabric!

The 18 gray scroll damask graphics are sold in a set.
Photo from Byrdie Graphics

The two yellows were purchased individually. Minus my being too impatient to wait for a level, application went smoothly.

Vinyl decals are a great idea for rental places. I wish they were popular a few years ago. I would have had much cooler apartment walls in college! My roommate and I did starch fabric polka dots onto a wall once. It was cute, but the red fabric ended up leaving pink circles that we had to paint over anyway.

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