Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ruffled Reticule

A few years ago, I found a purse on Etsy that I loved. I didn't buy it and have had reverse buyers remorse (should have bought that!) ever since. Of course, the seller doesn't make them any more, but that hasn't stopped me from longing for one anyway.

After my most recent trip to NYC lead me once again to the fabric oasis that is Mood, I found the perfect lining fabric to go with some tweed I already had in my stash. After many measurements, sketches and a couple of trial pieces, I decided to go for it. I wouldn't say I made a pattern, more like a list of measurements and a single pattern piece for the front ruffle.

The end result is beautiful and I LOVE it.

My only regret is that I wish it was wider. I carry a lot of stuff around and, while I've crammed it all in, I could definitely use a little more wiggle room.

I put in lots of pockets in the interior and one on the back as well.

The process went smoothly and I only had to rip out one seem! (Sewed the back pocket on upside down. Duh.)

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  1. Cool! What a fun bag! You've got some mad skillz with a sewing machine Tonya :)



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