Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ring around the rosies

I recently lost my favorite hair accessory and have been missing it dearly. I searched a few tutorials online and found two I wanted to try. The boutique flower tutorial at Diamonds, Fur and Laundry creates petals by burning the edge of fabric circles. I used this technique to make the biggest dark gray pinstriped flower.

I used the DIY fabric rosette tutorial from Write it in Lipstick to make the smallest gray satin rose. Tying a knot in one end and wrapping from there. This worked well too.

For the yellow rosette, I made up my own technique by starting at the outer edge and sewing and twisting my way to the center. When I got done with all three techniques, I decided they looked good together. I sewed them to a singe felt backing piece and the added a second piece of felt to create a sleeve of sorts. The end result slides on and off a headband, works with invisible barrettes, and can clip to a shirt, purse or necklace. It was fun and really quick. I think I need to make more. Lots and lots more.

Since I started this post, I made another one. It's so pretty.

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