Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ghastlies quilt

Remember the Alexander Henry "The Ghastlies" fabric that I wrote about in the My First Quilt post? I bought 8 pieces of 5 different patterns from the line and have started my quilt! I only bought 1 yard of each pattern so I barely have enough to make the quilt. This lead me to be very nervous about cutting it all out, especially the 4 main pieces (above fabric in white, gray, pink and green).

I wanted to be able to get the best 9 squares out of each yard possible, but I wasn't sure how to go about doing that. I found a roll of semi-transparent parchment paper and cut out 9 11" square pieces. Then I could lay them on the fabric and rearrange to my heart's content until I had it perfect. Then pin and cut. It worked fantastic.

I designed the blocks to be super simple, as this is my first attempt at quilting and I don't have a very long attention span for very detailed sewing. Each block only has 5 pieces. I am making 36 blocks, so that was 180 pieces to cut out. It went really fast and I had just enough of each fabric to get the pieces I need. Here they are all cut out:

I started sewing the individual blocks together today and have 8 done. They are going really quickly and I think I'll be done much sooner than I thought! Plenty of time before Halloween.

The final quilt will be 6 blocks by 6 blocks, so 84" square. I love huge quilts. It should look a little something like this (except each center piece will be different instead of repeating the same thing over and over):

What do you think?


  1. LOVE IT!!! Very cool Tonya, go you! I've always wanted to quilt but don't have the sewing skills or patience to do it. However I like the big squares you're doing, I might be able to pull that off :) Are you going to hand quilt it or machine quilt? That's the part that freaks me out most!!!

  2. My friend's mom has a machine quilter and she said she'd teach me how to use it. That's the part that scared me too. I have all the blocks done now. Just need to sew them all together.

  3. I love what you are doing with your Ghastlies fabric! I just ordered my own! From one newbie quilter to another, welcome and good're doing great!!!

  4. OK I adore your ghaslies...oh my goodness..I too am Halloween crazy..married on that day...have this ghastlie thingie going on..just made a sewing machine cover out of it...and your quilt can we talk about that...I want to do a ghastlie....
    connect with me..
    mdm samm



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